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RepairShopPro Shop Management Software
" auto repair shop software that scales with your business "

Comprehensive ...

RepairShopPro is a comprehensive, easy to use, repair shop management system designed to automate your complex day-to-day business management challenges. While RepairShopPro is most popular with those looking for repair invoicing, service estimating or auto shop management software; it's relevant to nearly any repair business scenario involving customers, service items, parts and labor. With the right hardware, it will scale from a one-man shop to a large organization with no added complexity or maintenance overhead. Packages starting at $129.00!

Modern ...

RepairShopPro is a modern, off-the-shelf alternative to legacy PC databases and "Mom and Pop" programs that are so common in this industry. While these platforms have withstood the test of time, the end is near. Most are no longer supported and may or may not run on future versions of Windows. It's anyone's guess. On the other hand, RepairShopPro is a current production, native Windows application and Web Client that will be relevant for decades. Whether you choose to run it on the Desktop, Cloud or In-shop Network, you only have to learn one product. It's the same rich client look and feel on the Desktop and Web.

Off-the-Shelf ...

RepairShopPro is a shrink wrapped product. It comes with everything you need to deploy, maintain and transfer your license for the lifetime of your operation. With RepairShopPro, there are no ongoing support requirements, complex setups or ridiculous costs. What you see is what you get. Compare that to those other guys that don't show pictures or prices. Just click once to download and once to install. That's it.

Runs on any Device. Windows, Cloud and Mobile.

Auto Repair Payments

Virtual Terminal. Card swipe transactions. Merchant Tools.

Auto Repair Payments

Download Online Parts Orders

Order WorldPac Auto Parts Order AutoZone Auto Parts Online Order O'Reilly Auto Parts Online Order Advance Auto Parts Online

Create QB Import Files

QuickBooks Auto Repair Software

Cloud Hosting. Create an internet VPN.

Automotive Software Cloud Hosting

Advanced Inventory Management Features

Inventory Management software for auto repair shops

Scan Barcodes

Barcode scan auto parts to auto repair work orders

Swipe Credit Cards

Credit Card payments auto repair shop software

Full Featured Auto Service POS and Repair Shop Management Software

Create Repair Orders, Repair Estimates, Estimate Follow-ups, Come-backs and Auto Parts Invoices. Fully customizable rates, terms and charges. Brand work orders with your shop logo and contact detail. Accept all forms of payment. Defer payment collection using the repair loans and deposits feature. Manage auto parts inventories. Track labor times. Bundle parts and labor combinations. Support for POS peripherals. Extensive auto shop management reporting. Track declined estimates. Research customer and vehicle service history and a lot more ...  Get Started Now!  Download our Free 30-Day Trial

Repair Estimates

Create detailed repair estimates, then convert to repair orders with only one click. Create new repair estimates from declined estimates and keep on file in case the customer returns. Accepted and declined estimates stay linked to follow-on services for quick reference.

Service Packages

Bundle common parts and labor time combinations into a single unit. Speeds-up work order processing. Eliminates redundancy. Reduces errors.

Inventory Managment System

Advanced inventory management and control features. Purchase Orders tied to low stock alerts. Put parts on reserve using the "Ghost Parts" feature. Inventory levels and stock item detail always stay in-synch with the repair invoicing workflow.

Print Full Page Invoices or Register Tapes

Choose between 3 layouts: Vertical, Horizontal, Split. Fully customizable rates, terms and charges. Modify display of parts and labor. Optionally print register tapes on Thernal Printers.

Report Library

Comprehensive Report Library. Track business activity, measure productivity, calculate profit and loss, view balance sheets and analyze trends. Reports can be filtered by user-defined criteria allowing you to fine-tune your queries for specific auto repair business cases.

User Dashboard

When a user logs-in; his work orders, status alerts, jobs, wait services and appointments dock below giving him a bird’s eye view his shop roles and responsibilities. They stay pinned to the Dashboard until closed-out. Dashboard view can be toggled back and forth from shop to logged-in user.

Integrated Email and Text Messaging

Send instant status updates and service reminders without leaving the system. Attach service estimates, work orders or any other form of attachment. Email works with popular providers such as GMAIL, YAHOO and HOTMAIL. Easy to setup.

History Browser

Browse vehicle service history and research customer profiles. Comprehensive search and look-up features. Call-up old repair invoices for review. Undo check-outs and declined estimates.

Barcode Scanning

Scan auto parts directly to repair invoices. Encode labels using industry standard symbology. Uses off-the-shelf scanner. Requires no set-up or configuration.

Purchase Orders

Created manually or on-the-fly in response to low stock alerts. Track parts orders all the way through the supply chain until the parts are on the shelf. Download shopping carts from online auto parts suppliers.

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Import and Export MS Excel Spreadsheets

Export repair invoices as Plain Text and Spreadsheet files. Attach parts and labor worksheets. Also works in the other direction. Import parts, labor and vehicle lists from spreadsheets.

Accept Credit Card Payments

Fully integrated credit card processing using card swipe or manual entry. Transaction detail and authorization block appear on printed invoice. No need for a separate receipt printer. Comprehensive merchant tools accessible from the Bookmarks toolbar.

Clock-in and Clock-out Jobs

Track labor times. Measure actual times against book times using the "Clock-to-Book" ratio calculator. Fine tune your repair service rates and charges.

Defer payment with Repair Loans and Deposits

Take random deposits or create auto and repair loans. Select amortized, simple interest or no interest auto repair financing. Customize loan payment schedules.

Create and Track Appointments

Create appointments for new or returning customers. Use Appointment Editor to call-up appointments for edit. Appointments dock on Dashboard until closed-out. Use Blind Appointments feature for creating service reminders.

WebExpress! New web based software for browsers and mobile devices.

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Email and Text Messaging

Send text and email messages from repair shop management software

Vin Decoding. Data Capture

Automotive Vin Decoding

Import-Export from MS Excel

Export repair orders to spreadsheets

Comphrensive Report Library

Automotive management reporting

Turn-key Product Installer

Install auto repair software

Service Packages. Bundle parts and labor combinations.

Auto parts and vehicle repair labor times

Programmable Cash Drawer

Auto repair POS software

Print Register Tapes

Auto repair POS software