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"auto repair shop software that scales with your business"

Export Online Parts Orders

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Virtual Terminal. Card swipe transactions.

Auto Repair Payments

Create QB Import Files

QuickBooks Auto Repair Software

Cloud Hosting. Create an internet VPN.

Automotive Software Cloud Hosting

Advanced Inventory Management Features

Inventory Management software for auto repair shops

Scan Barcodes

Barcode scan auto parts to auto repair work orders

Swipe Credit Cards

Credit Card payments auto repair shop software

RepairShopPro Mobile App

All Editions

On 9-10" Windows Tablets, you can run the standard edtions just like on the Desktop. Anything that repsonds to a mouse click on the Desktop, will respond to the touch on a Tablet. For best results try in both Windows and Tablet modes. Choose this option if you want to run the full shop management system on a Tablet. Note: On some Tablets, it may be necessary to pin the trees when not in use.

Virtual Desktop Customers

A new thin client edition has been developed that will run on any device (Phone, Tablet, Desktop) on both PCs and Apples. This product ships as free Add-on to our Virtual Desktop hosting plan. It does not replace the standard editions, instead it extends them with a number of mobility and convenience features opening new opportunities for interoperability. Version 1.0 has the following features:

  • Now in Version 1.0
  • Browse Working Services, Estimates and Parts Invoices.
  • Linked navigation: Parts, Labor, Customer Detail.
  • Call-up Customer Priors.
  • Research Service History.
  • Search by check-out date.
  • Create New Services.
  • Create New Estimates.
  • Accept and Decline Estimates.
  • Browse Appointments by Date and Time.
  • Upload Images. Link to Invoices.
  • Max 20 images per invoice.
  • Decode Vin Numbers.
  • Download Production Invoices in PDF format for Mailing.
  • Access from any device hosting a web browser.
  • No login required. Session scoped to serial number.
  • Quick access via URL or Bookmark. No Apps to load.
  • More new features on the way. Tell us what you need.
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Email and Text Messaging

Send text and email messages from repair shop management software

Vin Decoding. Data Capture

Automotive Vin Decoding

Import-Export from MS Excel

Export repair orders to spreadsheets

Comphrensive Report Library

Automotive management reporting

Turn-key Product Installer

Install auto repair software

Service Packages. Bundle parts and labor combinations.

Auto parts and vehicle repair labor times

Programmable Cash Drawer

Auto repair POS software